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Why Grow Your Own Marijuana
[Facts, Benefits & Risks]

By Stan | November 17th, 2019

Today you’re going to learn EXACTLY why you should grow your own marijuana.

In this guide you will learn:

·       How Marijuana compares with other drugs

·       Why Cannabis is illegal

·       The benefits of Marijuana

·       And more

Sounds good? Let’s do this!

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The Time is Right

There’s never been a better time to consider growing your own marijuana. With more and more states and countries all over the world legalizing the use of cannabis, both medically and recreationally, you’re faced with prime opportunity to do so.

Just like we were when we entered the business, you probably have a lot of questions swimming around your head. Is it safe to use? What are the proven benefits? How do you grow it?

We answer all of this and more in the following article on why you should grow your own marijuana.

Health Risks of Marijuana: Is It Safe?

Specialist holding a marijuana bud between fingers

There’s no doubt that the marijuana plant has a shady reputation—from its unfortunate role in the “war on drugs” to blown-up data surrounding its risks.

In fact, the federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, along with heroin and synthetic stimulants such as bath salts.

Research, however, indicates that for an individual to experience a toxic reaction to marijuana, it’s nearly impossible.

So, you may feel lost as to what the health effects are. Let’s break them down and talk about the possible consequences of consuming cannabis.

Physical Consequences of Marijuana

For those that consume marijuana by smoking it, well, it’s still smoking at the end of the day. Patients who smoke moderately may end up with symptoms, including coughing and wheezing. 

Heavy marijuana smokers could be at a higher risk for lung cancer especially if you mix marijuana with tobacco, which contains ammonia, arsenic, and formaldehyde. 

Depending on the strain of marijuana, some may lead to an increased heart rate. Consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing cardiovascular condition. Make sure to consume marijuana safely and in small doses.

Psychological Consequences of Marijuana

Do any psychological conditions run in your family? Or have you been diagnosed?

If you abuse marijuana, it may exasperate your side effects. Thus increasing your difficulties in living with a diagnosis, such as schizophrenia, for example.

This is worth noting for individuals who start smoking from a young age and are prone to psychosis in particular.

Where conditions like depression and anxiety are concerned, marijuana can go both ways. With the right strain and dosage (read: responsible consumption), this plant has a lot to offer, which we get into later.

However, depending on the strain and amount smoked, marijuana can lead to paranoia, racing thoughts, and other uncomfortable mental states. 

Is Marijuana Addictive?

As you can gather, the outcome of marijuana use for an individual varies greatly on that person and how the plant is used.

Is it addictive? Not so much. Withdrawal from marijuana is nowhere near what one expects from other drugs. It might be challenging for a heavy smoker to quit, though, as abuse and dependence usually go hand in hand.

Bottom Line: How Does Marijuana Compare With Other Drugs?

Curious to know how marijuana lines up against other drugs? Let’s have a quick look at overdose rates to get a better picture.

From 1999 to 2017, the number of overdose deaths in the United States rose each year steadily. This includes illegal drugs or those obtained illegally.

The drugs with the highest number of deaths include synthetic narcotics such as fentanyl. Prescription opioids, heroin and cocaine were next in line.

Marijuana doesn’t make the list period because a fatal dose of this plant is highly unlikely. In fact, it’s not cited even once.

Marijuana vs. Legal Drugs

How does marijuana compare to other legal substances?


The side effects of alcohol, including addiction, are more severe than that of marijuana.

There are nearly 88,000 alcohol-related deaths per year. Half of those were as a result of binge drinking, which leads to liver and brain damage, cancer and heart problems.

Driving while drunk is, most notably, a common occurrence and one of the top reasons for deaths attributed to alcohol use.

Driving while high on marijuana isn’t great either—resulting in an 83 percent accident rate. Alcohol, however, comes in at up to a 2220 percent chance, depending on your blood alcohol level.

Alcohol-related violence is another cause for concern. This includes domestic abuse.

According to one study, couples who smoked marijuana saw a decline in the possibility of partner violence for the first nine years of marriage.


The effects of smoking depend on whether an individual is smoking marijuana alone or in conjunction with tobacco. A cannabis-only spliff is less harmful.

As we know, smoking tobacco comes with a variety of consequences including the possibility of lung cancer and gum disease—to name a few.


Painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen are over-the-counter drugs commonly used to treat pain. The analgesic application is thought to be one of the safest options. 

More research needs to be carried out on the effects of paracetamol and other painkillers versus marijuana for pain management.

There’s loads of anecdotal evidence that specific strains of marijuana can drastically reduce one’s pain sensations. This indicates that cannabis may be a safer alternative to prescription painkillers linked to a high risk of addiction.

Consume Responsibly 

It goes without saying, but too much of a good thing can be bad. The effect marijuana has on any individual all comes down to how it’s used (or abused). 

As you can see from above, there are specific implications when consuming too much marijuana and most specifically, at a young age. 

Responsible consumption includes knowing what you need, dosing it accordingly and sticking with a strain that works best for your symptoms.

Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

By 1937, there were over 2000 marijuana-based medicines available in the USA. At this time, however, the legal status of this plant was standing on shaky ground.

To reduce the size of the hemp industry, legislators (with the help of the president) drew up a Marijuana Tax Act and signed it into action. They imposed this tax on physicians who prescribed it, pharmacists and medical cultivation sites.

This act, in the long run, was actually used as a criminal law to target anyone in possession of, selling or growing marijuana.

In 1969, it was ruled as unconstitutional as anyone applying for the tax would have to incriminate themselves in the process.

The Controlled Substances Act was then put in place and is the federal mandate used today when prosecuting anyone for marijuana-related offenses.

Present Day

Now that research is fully underway to make clear the benefits of marijuana, more states and countries are choosing to decriminalize it.

In places like California and Colorado, expansive laws are in place decriminalizing marijuana for recreational use. Then we have states like Oklahoma, where it’s legal for medical-related purposes only.

However, in the United States on a federal level, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug with no health benefits. Because of this, any marijuana-based businesses classified as legal within a state are, essentially, breaking federal law. 

A company must adhere to workarounds including functioning as a cash-only enterprise since banks are hesitant to work with them. This is one of many examples indicating the length to which businesses must go through at this point in time.

Benefits of Marijuana

Suffice it to say that marijuana has proved beneficial for a variety of conditions and reasons. These include but are not limited to medical issues.


  • Alleviates anxiety and depression
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Enhances appetite
  • Eases muscle spasms
  • Treats insomnia
  • Reduces migraines
  • Slows progression of Alzheimer’s and related diseases
  • May help with PTSD and alleviate nightmares
  • Reduces stress
  • May ease side effects of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Helps with nausea
  • Some indications to stop cancer growth and related symptoms


  • Stimulates creativity (imagine 1960s art and music without it)
  • May improve focus
  • Increases sex drive and enhances the experience—especially for women

Why You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana

There’s a slew of reasons why growing your own is better than getting your cannabis elsewhere. Let’s hop right in.

Reason 1. No More Bad Weed

We’ve been there. You try a strain thinking it will be just what you’re after—only to find out it’s a bit of a bust.

When buying weed elsewhere, you never know what you’ll end up receiving, regardless of how it’s talked about or advertised.

With some basic growing skills and an organized strategy, you’ll never have this problem again.

You can be confident that what you’re harvesting is going to meet your needs. Problem solved.

Reason 2. Saves Money

It’s a no-brainer. Weed isn’t cheap. Depending on your state, a gram will cost you between $7 and $18.

To give you an idea of what a gram looks like: it takes approximately 0.3 to 0.75 grams/ 0.01 to 0.02 oz to make a joint.

Growing your own does involve upfront costs and ongoing maintenance. However, on a small individual scale, this will definitely be recouped—by the money you save on buying elsewhere and a possibility for additional income from selling.

Reason 3. Convenience Factor

Running to the dispensary when you’re in pain or suffering from a poor night’s sleep isn’t an attractive option. When you grow your own, it doesn’t require you to get dressed and hop in the car (don’t forget you need cash).

Furthermore, you can bet on at least some weed ready and waiting. You won’t go empty when you need it most and sometimes those moments can come as a surprise.

Avoid this and grow your own instead.

Reason 4. Self-Medication

Depending on your condition, growing your own marijuana allows you to take matters into your own hands.

You won’t have to experiment with doses of dangerous painkillers or suffer the side effects of that medication for muscle spasms.

We in no way condone skipping your doctor’s appointment. However, given the benefits marijuana has to offer, it can be a viable alternative to other treatments that either don’t work or leave you down in the dumps.


Reason 5. Know Your Quality 

With that said, you have free reign over the types when you grow your own.

For medical purposes, a specific strain may work best for one thing and not for another.

It’s crucial to find the strains that work for you.

This way, you treat your symptoms efficiently and can monitor the quality of the plant as it’s flowering. You can rest assured that your end product is going to be top-notch.

Reason 6. Fun Learning Experience

We might be biased here, but growing your own marijuana is an adventure.

The number of species is, at least, in the four digits, making for endless opportunity.

You’ll have a lot to learn around growing and cultivating these plants—their specific needs, colors, aromas and more.

Not to mention, the various effects each one has to offer.

There will be no room to get bored.

Grow It Your Way

There you have it: all of the reasons you should grow your own marijuana. 

Understanding the potential side effects and acting responsibly is essential to a positive journey in cultivating this plant. Know what you need from a certain strain and commit to perfecting that species.

We wish you all the luck along the way. 

Have any questions during your journey?

Just reach out to us.

We love to help!

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The effectiveness of THC Oil reintroduced me to the world marijuana. It’s amazing how this plant allows you to take the matters into your own hands. Growing this powerful plant at home truly gives me a self-supporting feeling. I even developed a green thumb.

Henk Bob

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