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Batch of marijuana seeds

About us


Who are the people behind MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com

Welcome to marijuanaseedbreeders.com! The first seedbank by breeders for breeders. We are happy that you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to learn more about us and our motivations. We are three avid breeders that share a common love for breeding marijuana and creating the best seeds to grow them from. Together we have over thirty years of experience. Creator and his protégé Bob had been working together for quite a while when Creator met old warhorse Henk through a Grow forum. We had an instant connection and could spend hours and hours talking about crossings, phenotypes and our hopes and dreams of creating new and innovative strains. Once the three of us met in person to try out each other’s stuff, all the pieces fell into place. How awesome would it be to set something up with our combined expertise and knowledge?

With help of a computer savvy relative, we finally took the plunge and decided to make our dream come true and start our own seedbank online, where we would sell only marijuana seeds of the highest quality.

It’s no surprise that the seed marked has skyrocketed over the last couple of decennia which, sadly, also made it susceptible to money grabbing capitalists, only in it to make a quick buck. A fact we personally experienced while working for other seed banks in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, our seeds were mixed with lesser quality seeds from Spain. It’s unnecessary to say, we didn’t like this. Aside from the fact that this was detrimental to the quality of the seeds, this also didn’t sit well with our integrity. That’s why we decided to team up and create a place where breeders can buy and learn from actual breeders. Simply said: We cut out the commercial middle man.

The breeders selection

At Marijuana Seed Breeders we think quality is the most important thing we can offer our customers. Quality seeds make sure we keep you happy and high. The breeder’s selection of Marijuana Seed Breeders.com contains the best quality marijuana seeds we have to offer. These seeds are personally selected by us.

The best seeds because of research

Over the years we’ve made more than 200 selections, which resulted in about 40 different strains. We work on new strains daily with a great deal of enthusiasm. Our goal is to create strains for all growers. Easy to grow strains for beginning growers, but also strains that require a lot of love and attention from experienced breeders.

We try to listen as well as possible to meet the wishes of our customers, especially when they are experiencing sickness or pain.

And, in the last ten years, we have been doing extensive research. This way we were able to select and breed the best seeds. Two things that are very important for us are the continuous quality and freshness of our breeders’ selection marijuana seeds. We all grow our seeds on soil with mycorrhiza and organic fertilizers.

How do we select the best seeds?

There are more than a few things that are important while selecting the best seeds for our breeder’s selection. For instance, we look at how quick a seed can grow into a plant and how quick it can root. We also look at other factors like internode distance, stress sensitivity, colour, odour, length, the way the buds are built, flowering time and stem odour. The ground rule is to select the best phenotypes from at least hundred plants of one regular species.

We are all Dutch

There is no better place to get your marijuana seeds from than Amsterdam. For Afterall, Amsterdam remains the weed capital of the world. (Yes, you spotted some proud patriotism there indeed ;-) Your seeds won’t lay in a storage room for weeks: you will get them straight from our grow spaces, after we carefully inspected them of course. Because we decided to team up you will have more options taste wise as well as benefit from all our combined expertise and knowledge.

We are extremely happy to present the result of our collaboration: MarijanaSeedBreeders.com. We couldn’t be prouder to work with like-minded people and share our love of marijuana with the world.

To learn more on us individually and our specialties, please check here: Bob, Henk, Creator