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Outdoor seeds

Are you looking for bigger, bushier, taller plants that will provide you with massive yield? When growing outdoors the sky is literally the limit. Without the limitations of your growing areas’ ceiling, and with the proper care and nutrients, your crop can grow extremely tall which in return will result in massive yields! Marijuana Seed Breeders has the ultimate selection of outdoor seeds so you can achieve the harvest of your dreams!

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Get the best outdoor seeds for your needs.

When growing outdoors the elements will do half the work for you. No expensive lighting systems will be required. However, since mother nature can be unpredictable at times and if you live in an area where heavy rainfall occurs this can cause some concerns. Not to worry though! Marijuana Seed Breeders’ outdoor seeds have been specially developed to be highly resilient to mold and pests.

Growing like nature intended it

The beauty of outdoor growing is that everything you need is right there! Outdoor seeds can be grown in any type of soil and all you have to do is make sure they receive a good deal of sunlight and sufficient water. Not sure which strain is most suitable for your region? Simply send us an email for custom advice from our experts.

Buy your outdoor seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders

Once you have selected the perfect outdoor strain our service doesn’t stop there: The founders of Marijuana Seed Breeders feel that customer service is of paramount importance and are more than happy to share their 20 years of expertise with you! So whether you need advice on which nutrients to use, have inquiries about delivery or require assistance during the growing process, we are here for you! If you want high-quality cannabis seeds along with A+ support, order from MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com