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Indoor seeds

Undoubtedly the first and foremost advantage of indoor cannabis growing is that you can grow it all year round! Growing indoor marijuana seeds in an environment where you have full control over all the factors, such as light, humidity, and temperature, can be exciting. With the right care, they will grow into thriving, healthy plants.

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Why Grow Indoors

There is more to growing cannabis indoors than just planting some seeds and letting nature do the rest. Instead, you need to create the right conditions for your plants to thrive.

Having this level of control over your growing environment is great, as it lets you experiment with different methods to maximize your yield. Are there any other pros and cons to growing weed seeds indoors? Yes, there are.

The Pros

  • Shorter flowering time

  • More control

  • Multiple harvests

  • Growing discreetly

  • Choice of growing medium

  • High THC percentage

Shorter flowering time

Did you know the flowering time for indoor marijuana seeds is significantly shorter than if you were growing outdoors? While your outdoor crop normally takes up a whole season to complete, most indoor marijuana will be ready to harvest in only 10 to 12 weeks from germination to harvest! If you decide on autoflowering seeds, you can even realize up to 5 harvests a year using your indoor setup.

Also, when growing cannabis seeds indoors, the controlled environment will remove or at least greatly reduce the odds of disturbing factors such as pests or diseases ruining your crop. Whether it's your first attempt or if you are a seasoned grower, we have got the perfect indoor marijuana seeds to match your taste.

More control

One of the advantages of indoor growing is that it does not matter what type of weed seeds you choose, you can grow virtually any strain inside! Since you control all the settings, it does not matter if you are growing regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, Indica, or Sativa strains. Simply use any high-quality marijuana seeds, add the correct nutrient products and nothing stands in the way of your dream harvest.

Multiple harvests per year

MSB frequently has special offers on cannabis seeds and related products. And let's be honest: When you receive your cannabis seeds, the last thing you want to do is store them until the seasons shift. When you are growing indoor cannabis seeds, you are no longer dependent on the weather in order to start your next growth. And the best part is that you do not need specific indoor cannabis seeds. With the right setup and care, you can grow any strain you choose. Whether it be feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds or basically any type of weed seeds will do.

Growing discreetly

Let's be honest: Despite the fact that more and more states and countries are legalizing, cultivating cannabis is sadly still frowned upon by some.

Aside from keeping your activities on the down-low (Every grower knows that this is key to having a successful operation), nosey neighbors can be a real pain and spoil a lot of the pleasure of growing weed.

By using ventilation systems with a good carbon filter when growing indoors you can prevent that your home will ooze with the aroma of your herbal hobby practices.

It also allows you to be more discreet about your indoor growing endeavors and reduces the risk of exposure when you plant cannabis in your public garden or yard.

And more importantly, keeping those cup-of-sugar-borrowing neighbors at bay!

Choice of growing media

Growing indoors opens up the possibility of using a wide selection of soilless growing mediums. Perlite, coco coir, and peat moss are just a few alternatives growers like to use.

Even though you might be curious to explore these alternatives to the soil, there might be no need to do so, as the soil is a superior growing medium.

Soil has a unique ability to self-regulate. It can retain and release moisture and nutrients depending on your plants' needs. This is different to the alternatives, which rely highly on your input of both water and nutrients. As a result, if you forget to water or feed plants that grow in soil for one day, they will be fine. If you fail to do so with other mediums - the consequences might be dire, and your whole harvest ruined. Not an experience we would recommend! ​​

High THC percentage

Indoor plants grown from indoor marijuana seeds often produce buds with higher THC percentages than outdoor plants. This is because you're able to manipulate the growing conditions to such a high degree that your plants will thrive, leaving you with beautiful, big buds with a high THC content.

The Cons

  • Expensive

  • More work

  • Cleanliness

  • Lower Yield


You need a lot of equipment to create the ideal environment for your plants, such as lights and ventilation. Indoor grows also use a significant amount of electricity and water, so expect an increase in your energy bills.

More work

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to grow good weed. Some processes can be automated, but most can't, and something can always go wrong. Making sure all the conditions are just right at all times is vital and very time-consuming. Going on holiday during an indoor grow cycle is probably not an option.


Keeping the space nice and clean is extremely important. If you don't, you risk attracting pests and mold, which can ruin your whole operation.

Lower Yield

While indoor seeds have the potential to produce a high yield, this is very dependent on how you treat them. If you do not take good care of your indoor plants, they may not get enough nutrition, ventilation, and light exposure and have lower yields than plants that grow outdoors.

Growing marijuana seeds indoors

If you decide to grow your cannabis plants indoors, get indoor marijuana seeds. It doesn't matter if they are feminized, autoflowering, both, or even just regular.

Purchasing seeds from experienced breeders and reliable seed banks is the best way to ensure a successful grow.

FAQ Indoor Weed Seeds

What are the best marijuana plants to grow indoors?

The best marijuana plant to grow indoors can be any plant! Growing indoors allows you to grow almost any cannabis plant you want. When buying your seeds, consider where you'll be growing and base your choice on that. For example, if you have a limited amount of space, select seeds that produce plants that are of a smaller size. In this case, the sky really is your limit.

Our article: What are the best indoor strains for beginners? might also finding your best indoor seeds too!

What is the difference between growing indoors or outdoors?

There are many differences between growing indoors or outdoors. The main two are cost and control. It is more expensive to grow indoors as you need some equipment to create the right environment for your cannabis plants. However, with all that equipment comes a great degree of control. The sun and rain might be free, but you can't control how bright the sun shines or how much it rains.

How to germinate marijuana seeds indoors?

To grow impressive plants from indoor marijuana seeds, you first need to germinate them. There are many different ways to do so. You can simply place seeds on damp paper towels in between two plates. Or put your seeds in lukewarm water and wait for the seedlings to sprout. Or get our Healthy Roots Starter Kit or Spongepot Germination Kit to make it super easy.

Regardless of the many germination techniques you use, remember that many easier methods have a lower success rate.

When to start?

Start whenever you're ready.

The benefit of growing marijuana indoors is that you're not dependent on any harvest cycles. If you're growing outdoors, you have to plant your seeds at the right time to ensure your plants can maximize the sunlight throughout the summer months. When growing indoors, this is not necessary. Just make sure you have everything you need and that it is set up correctly, and then you're good to go.

What do you need for indoor growing?

What you need for indoor growing strongly depend on what kind of setup you wish to have. You can make it as straightforward or as complicated as you want.

If you're a beginner grower and only want to grow a couple of plants, opting for a cheap and easy solution, such as a closet grow, could be the way to go. You'll need a big closet, LED lights, and pots with soil and some good-quality fertilizer for your plants to grow in, and you're good to go. We would also recommend using a good carbon filter as it will really help you keep the smell under control, allowing you to grow discreetly.

If money is not an issue, consider using hydroponics. It will require a lot more equipment, such as a hydroponic kit, pumps, ventilation, lights, pH meter, nutrients, carbon filter (if you want to hide the smells), etc.

Check out our article on how to grow weed indoors to learn more.

What is the average flowering time?

The average flowering time differs depending on what strain you choose. Most strains, however, have a flowering time of between 8 and 12 weeks, although we sell indoor cannabis seeds with flowering time as short as 7 weeks!

Every seed we sell includes clear information on how long the flowering stage is, making it easier for you to plan ahead.

What is the average yield?

The average yield is somewhere between 400 and 550 gr (14-20 oz) dry weight per M².

This is, of course, just an average. For example, Green Revolution seeds will grow into plants that produce just over the average amount. Some of our seeds, such as Girl Scout Cookies, can yield as much as 600 gr (21 oz) dry weight per M². And what about less generous strains? They usually compensate with strength, and our beloved Critical is no exception.

Where to buy indoor marijuana seeds?

Buy your indoor cannabis seeds at Marijuana Seed Breeders! We are 3 breeders that share their love of cannabis seeds and each has its own field of expertise. We have over 20 years of experience. Whether you are planning to practice indoor growing or outdoor growing, we are always happy to guide you on your way. Besides a wide range of the best marijuana seeds out there, we also full range of products to make your indoor cannabis even easier!