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Spongepot 20 holes

Spongepot Germination Kit

Every breeder and hobby grower knows the importance of proper germination since the germination process is key for a successful harvest. After all, having seeds that do not germinate means less yield at the end of the road. No matter how high the quality of seeds you use, if you screw up germination, you are screwed.


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Spongepot 20 plugs
USD 6.60
USD 6.60
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Easy germination with Spongepot

Fortunately for you, we here at MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com have a solution for you that will make ungerminated seeds a thing of the past. With the revolutionary Spongepot you have a foolproof all in one germination kit. Spongepot consists of an all organic soil mixture of peat and Cocos and is supplied with a concentrated mix of soil enhancer which contains important fungi and various beneficial soil bacteria. Easy to use and 99,9 % effective.

  • Very easy to use
  • Added soil enhancer
  • Promotes a heathy rootsystem
  • No ungerminated seeds ever again!

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Order your very reasonably priced Spongepot together with some high-quality seeds at MarijuanaSeedBreeder.com today and be amazed of how easy it can be to grow your own high quality marijuana. Spongepot since 2006

How to use the Spongepots

For instruction please check our Spongepot user guide

Note about the supplied bacto Not for internal use • Keep away from children and pets • Wash hands after usage • Store dry and cool