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All seeds

Let’s be honest: browsing our seed bank is a bit like browsing a candy shop. At MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com we have so many different kinds of marijuana seeds, that it’s hard to decide where to look first. We offer regular seeds, feminized seeds, and much more.

Full Description.

Do you want to harvest quickly? In that case, you are probably looking for all seeds with short flowering time. Autoflowering marijuana seeds lend themself perfectly to this situation.

Do you want guaranteed female plants? We have got you covered! Browse our feminized marijuana seeds section here. We even dare to claim we offer the best cannabis seeds in Amsterdam.

All seeds are fresh and have the highest quality

At Marijuana Seed Breeders we work with three different breeders. They share their love and passion for growing, breeding and crossing marijuana seeds. All cannabis seeds that you buy at MSB are as fresh as can be. They come straight from the breeder. This way we offer freshness and quality.

If you make sure the circumstances - like watering, soil, (sun)light and temperature - are right, then all seeds will grow into a plant. Just like you should expect from high quality seeds.

The best seeds because of research

Over the years we’ve made more than 200 selections, which resulted in about 40 different strains. We work on new strains daily with a great deal of enthusiasm. Our goal is to create cannabis seeds for all growers.

We try to listen as well as possible to meet the wishes of our customers, especially when they are experiencing sickness or pain.

And, in the last ten years, we have been doing extensive research. This way we were able to select and breed the best cannabis seeds. Two things that are very important for us are the continuous quality and freshness of our breeders’ selection of marijuana seeds. We all grow our seeds on soil with mycorrhiza and organic fertilizers.

What weed seeds are you looking for?

We have a lot of cannabis seeds to choose from. Are you interested in Sativa seeds or rather Indica seeds? Or why not go for the best of both worlds with our hybrid seeds?

Would you like to grow feminized marijuana seeds or isn’t that really that important to you?

Our Breeder selection contains all seeds with the highest quality possible. High THC or rather rich in CBD? Or are you just looking to grow some beautiful big bud?

We offer a selection of premium weed seeds strains just waiting to be discovered by you.

Seeds for every setup

Whether you have a large meadow or a small cupboard closet at your disposal, Marijuana Seed Breeders has the perfect cannabis seeds for you.

Do you want to grow all year round? Growing seeds in an environment where you have full control over all the factors for which you normally depend on the weather be an exciting endeavor. The indoor seeds selection from Marijuana Seed Breeders have been specially created for indoor cultivation. 

The beauty of outdoor growing is that everything you need is right there! Our outdoor seeds can be grown in any type of soil and all you have to do is make sure they receive a good deal of sunlight and sufficient water.

Experience level: Novice growers or experts

Whether you are just taking your first steps into cannabis cultivation or are already a seasoned grower, we have the perfect weed seeds for you! Newbies can ease into their new hobby with premium autoflowering seeds. For the experts who would like to challenge themselves and obtain high yields, we've got world-renowned feminized marijuana seeds that require advanced breeding skills. No matter your level of expertise, we've got the weed seeds of your dreams!

Cannabis seeds that are tailored to your needs

It's no secret that the popularity of Cannabidiol or CBD has skyrocketed over the years. MSB offers some of the best CBD rich strains on the market today. Critical Blue, Early Skunk, and Original Train Wreck, just to name a few, all contain at least 2.5% CBD or more.

Would you rather prefer to go the exact opposite direction and are you looking for a mindblowing high? Strawberry Dieseloffers a THC percentage of no less than 25%!

Do you have trouble deciding on a strain and prefer to sample a few before committing to a full pack? We also offer mix packs for various purposes.

To aid you in your choice, check out our article to find out which seeds are right for you. Or simply contact us anytime if you need help deciding.

Improve your growing skills with Marijuana High School

You are never too old to learn. At least, that is our philosophy. The Marijuana High School in our how to grow marijuana section offers entertaining, understandable articles packed with tips and tricks to get the most out of your breeding experience.

From the extensive germination guide and the in-depth information on the stages of marijuana growth, we leave no leaf unturned.

Buy Marijuana Seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders

Enjoy yourself and your friends with a good smoke from your home-grown cannabis seeds. Browse all seeds to find out which weed has that uplifting high that creates happiness and creativity. Your happy place is between all seeds at Marijuana Seed Breeders where you can buy your quality cannabis seeds online from the very cannabis capital of the world. And let's be honest: who doesn't love real Amsterdam marijuana seeds?!

Giving your seeds the best possible start

There's nothing peskier than getting premium cannabis seeds only to have them not germinate. Well, Marijuana Seed Breeders have the perfect solution for that. Spongepot is an all in one foul proof germination kit that makes ungermed seeds a thing of the past.

Also for optimal growth and the best yield, marijuana plants require nutrients. They absorb those nutrients through the roots. Therefore it’s very important the root system is developed at it’s best. Plants with unhealthy roots grow a lot slower or even die. Use our root stimulator starting from day one, to make sure the roots will develop the best way possible.

Our organic growth products allow your marijuana seeds to germinate faster and better. They also are able to absorb nutrients better through their roots resulting in up 7 times more nutrient uptake. We also sell a complete starter kit that has everything you need for successful growth.

Why should you buy from Marijuana Seed Breeders

Our marijuana seed bank was founded in 2019 by 3 passionate breeders that shared a common dream: To offer the best weed seeds and share their knowledge and experience with the world. Sure, when you google cannabis seeds or pot seeds a million results instantly pop up. But what sets us aside from the rest? We care! To us, offering premium cannabis seeds and excellent customer care go hand in hand. We feel that that is such an important aspect of our business and love keeping in touch with our customers. We are always excited to answer questions and to offer our guidance wherever we can.

Aside from world-famous household names such as White Widow, Amnesia Haze or AK 47 feminized seeds, just to name a few, we also sell new exiting strains of our own creation. Have a look and get acquainted with Blue Dream x Chronic, Mental Glitch or Aussie Power pot seeds ! And that's not all: various old-timers have been given our own special twist. Resulting in the enhanced and improved Girl Scout Cookies 2.0 feminized seeds with heightened CBD or ChemDawg F4 regular cannabis seeds.

No matter which cannabis seeds variety you choose, all our cannabis seeds have been sustainably cultivated, handpicked and cared for with the utmost love and attention to make sure you get nothing but the very best!