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Let’s be honest: browsing our seed bank is a bit like browsing a candy shop. At we have so many different kinds of marijuana seeds to offer, that it’s hard to decide where to look first. Check out all seeds if you are not sure yet what it is you are looking for. Do you want to harvest quickly? In that case you are probably looking for all seeds with a short flowering time.

All seeds are fresh and have the highest quality

At Marijuana Seed Breeders we work with three different breeders. They share their love and passion for growing, breeding and crossing marijuana seeds. All seeds that you buy at MSB are as fresh as can be. They come straight from the breeder. This way we offer freshness and quality. If you make sure the circumstances - like watering, soil, (sun)light and temperature - are right, then all seeds will grow into a plant.

What weed seeds are you looking for?

We have a lot of seeds to choose from. Are you interested in a pure sativa or rather an indica hybrid? Would you like to grow feminized seeds or isn’t that really that important to you? Our Breeder selection contains all seeds with the highest quality possible. And of course, we have medical marijuana seeds too. 

Buy all seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders

Enjoy yourself and your friends with a good smoke from your home-grown cannabis. Browse all seeds to find out which weed has that uplifting high that creates happiness and creativity. Or look at all seeds in the medicinal section, to find out which strain can help you out with your anxiety, stimulate your appetite or relieve you from pain, stress, and depression. Your happy place is between all seeds at Marijuana Seed Breeders.

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