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Author Stan
Anyone can develop a green thumb

Name: Stan the Man

Born: 1979

Sure, coming from a town near Amsterdam Stan smoked a couple of joints in his early twenties, but smoking weed was just not his thing.

He really started to appreciate the benefits of marijuana when his mother got ill. THC oil was a great way of coping with her illness and let her sleep well like never before.

Inspired by the effectiveness, he studied many blogs and books and learned how to make the THC oil himself. He even started to smoke his occasionally joint.

In the beginning, he obtained the buds & leaves via the coffeeshop, but he soon realized he should start growing marijuana himself.

A few months later he was making the THC oil from his own grown harvest! It was an amazing experience:

‘This plant allows you to take the matters into your own hands. Growing this powerful plant at home truly gives me a self-supporting feeling’

Fun fact: During his first growth, he loved caring for his seedlings so much, that he developed a green thumb and now calls it his hobby. A great way to relax (without even having to smoke a joint :)

Stan wants to share his experiences and passion with you and hopes that you will benefit from his articles as well.

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