Sativa seeds

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Sativa is very popular, the seeds grow best in warm and humid climates and in general take a bit longer to flower. Sativa seeds can grow into huge plants with an open structure, thin leaves and long internodes. Sativa is seen as the original marijuana by many people. Order your sativa seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders!

Sativa seeds grow into huge plants

Sativa seeds are originally from tropical and subtropical climates like India, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Sativa seeds need warmth and moisture to grow. The plants can become very tall (over 5 meters high!), but most will stay under 3,5 meters. Sativa plants have the shape of a Christmas tree with big buds. Sativa cannabis will give you a euphoric feeling. The high is uplifting, cerebral and energetic. It’s a perfect smoke while enjoying an evening with friends.

Medical use of sativa

The THC content in most sativa’s is high. That’s why it’s really powerful as a medicine against depression. It can also help when you are suffering from anxiety, PTSD and other emotional or mental disorders. Well known sativa strains are Green Revolution, Original Haze and Amnesia Haze.

Sativa seeds at

Buy your high-quality sativa seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders. We work with three different breeders who share over twenty years of experience. We never sell old stock: our seeds are fresh and come straight from the breeder. If the circumstances like soil, fertilizer, temperature, (sun)light and water are right, all your seeds will grow into plants. Buy them today!

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