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Feminized seeds

Are you looking for female only cannabis seeds? The feminized seeds from Marijuana Seed Breeders are high-quality seeds, without male chromosomes. Feminized seeds are carefully selected and create strong, female-only plants. They will produce resinous buds and are easy to grow. Shop feminized seeds online at our seed bank.

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Feminized seeds that will grow into plants

If you make sure the circumstances like watering, (sun)light, temperature, soil, and fertilizer are right, we promise all your feminized seeds will grow into plants. At MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com we work with own breeders. This way we can ensure the highest quality and a wide variety of strains for our customers. 

High yield with feminized seeds

Why would you choose to just grow feminized seeds? Because that will ensure you the easiest growing process. You don’t have to remove the males after identifying different sexes and the males won’t pollinate your female plants.

Buy your feminized seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders

We ship our feminized seeds worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live: if you’ve got postal service, you can receive our shipment. If you want to successfully grow your plants, you might need fertilizer. That you can also buy at MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com We have over 20 years of experience: if you want high-quality cannabis seeds from the Netherlands, you order them at MarijuanaSeedBreeders.com