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Regular seeds

In regular cannabis seeds, you can find genetically untouched phenotypes. Plants coming from these seeds offer the purest genetics. Also, females that arise from regular seeds are extremely strong and stress-resistant. Regular seeds do offer you the opportunity to breed male and female plants and enhance the features of the strains to create incredible new strains!

Full Description.

Why you should grow them

Unlike popular misconception, there is no such thing as male marijuana seeds. Seeds with a 50/50 chance of turning either male or female are regular marijuana seeds.  In the past, the only way to grow weed with seeds was regular seeds. The classic way as nature intended. 

Many growers grow cannabis to harvest the buds they can smoke, so they are particularly interested in the female plants. For this reason, feminized seeds were created.  With such a (commercial) focus on feminized seeds, it's important to remember that regular seeds are vital for creating and maintaining a diverse cannabis gene pool. 

The main benefits of regular marijuana seeds

When you purchase regular marijuana seeds, the possibilities are endless.

One of the benefits is that when you remove the male plants, (you want to do this well before flowering time so that there is no risk of cross-contamination) the remaining females are very strong and stress-resistant. As a result, the chance of hermaphrodites with regular marijuana seeds is almost zero.

To find out what other advantages regular seeds have to offer and to learn the differences between regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds, check out our article here

Ensure quality cuttings

Since female cannabis plants from regular seeds can withstand stress without turning into a hermaphrodite, they make excellent mother plants.

Create your crop, remove the male plants, and choose your favorite female cannabis plants as your mother plants. That way you have a continuous ancestor, that will provide you with cuttings for years to come.

Phenotypes and diversity in regular marijuana seeds

Another reason for choosing regular seeds is the fact that female plants from regular seeds offer the purest genetics. Unaffected regular cannabis seeds contain original, pristine genetic phenotypes.

Some find this the pinnacle of cultivation: finding that perfect phenotype from a large selection. By growing these seeds you will be sure of the strains full lineage.

Creating new strains

Before the feminized versions came about, old generation growers would take the opportunity to breed male and female plants from their grow rooms, to enhance the features of the strains they had.

When we create a cannabis strain we start with the regular version. Only if the new variety meets the requirements a feminized version is considered.

If you want to create crosses or hybrids, you can use an actual male to pollinate a female, rather than using “feminized” pollen for seed production.

By crossing you can increase certain desirable properties yourself to make a cannabis strain better. Or, if you are economical you can also just produce regular cannabis seeds for free.

Old school / Original strains

Some of the old school strains never made the cut on the feminized market and were forgotten over time. Especially some unique varieties from the early '90 are solely available in regular seeds.

For some breeders, this offers an opportunity to revive those lost genetics and improve them with a personal touch.

It might pay off to carefully catalog each seed and review its characteristics, growth pattern, leaf, and stem growth, fragrance, yield, insect resistance, terpene profile, THC, and CBD ratio. Documenting these will take your cultivation game to the next level. Especially when you start creating (hybrid) cannabis strains!

We are always happy to help

Whether you prefer your seeds regular, feminized, or autoflowering, we here at MSB love to offer our advice so you can make a well-informed choice. We personally cultivated each and every strain as well as hand-selected all our marijuana seeds with the utmost care and attention. Please contact us with whatever questions you may have and you will be one step closer to achieving the harvest of your dreams!