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Marijuana Seeds Breeders Mycorrhiza Mix

Mycorrhiza Mix

High quality seeds deserve to achieve full growth and flowering. Through years of experience we have developed a unique composition of mycorrhiza fungi for optimal flowering and growth of marijuana plants.


Available packages

50 gr. for 10 plants
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USD 21.18
100 gr. for 20 plants
USD 35.34
USD 35.34
500 gr. for 100 plants
USD 147.50
USD 147.50
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These Mycorrhiza fungi are highly beneficial soil fungi and have played a very important role in the nutrient supply of trees and plants for over 400 million years. The fungi have been used by us for decades for the growth and flowering of the marijuana plant.

Natural root extension

The threads of the mycorrhiza fungus penetrate into the bark cells of the roots and grow into the soil from there. As a result, they form a natural root extension. Thanks to their exuberant growth, mycorrhiza fungi stimulate the growth and flowering of marijuana plants.

Because the fungal threads are extremely thin, they can reach the smallest bottom pores. There they release minerals bound by acids and enzymes and transport them via the "network" to the roots of the plant.

Take up to 7 times as many nutrients

The fungus doesn’t do this for nothing, this purely out of self-regard. In exchange for the nutrients supplied, the mycorrhizal fungi absorb excess glucose from the plant. This creates a perfect form of society called symbiosis. This symbiosis is indispensable for your marijuana plants. Thanks to Mycorrhiza, the marijuana plant can absorb up to 7 times more nutrients.

Use of the fungi

Mycorrhiza fungi should be mixed through the soil. As soon as the growing roots come into contact with fungi, the fungi will start to grow and the foundation is laid for a beautiful symbiosis. In practice, this process should start after about a week.

Why add Mycorrhiza?

The soil sold in garden centers and DIY stores is made sterile to prevent pathogens or weed seeds from occurring. That is why it is important to add mycorrhiza and bring the soil life back on track.

How to use the Mycorrhiza mix

For instruction please check our Mycorrhiza Mix user guide

Additional information

The spores in Mycorrhiza Mix form Arbuscular Mycorrhizas with the roots of plants through which they can exchange sugars and nutrients. This symbiosis has a very favorable effect on the growth of the roots and the plant.

By adding the correct fungal spores, the fungal threads (mycelium) generated will increase the absorption capacity through the roots of the plant up to 700%.

Fungal spores:

  • Rhizophagus irregularis
  • Entrophospora colombiana
  • Glomus sp
  • Glomus intradadices
  • Glomus etunicatum
  • Glomus geosporum
  • Glomus clarum
  • Glomu mosseae

Not for internal use • Keep away from children and pets • Wash hands after usage • Store dry and cool