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Spongepot user guide
Learn how to use Spongepot

Germinating your seeds has never been easier with the Spongepot Germination Kit. Follow the 6 simple steps below and be amazed by the incredible results.

For more product information see our Spongepot Germination Kit

Use water with a temp. around 24 °C / 75 °F.

Step 1

Dissolve the supplied bacto in 1 liter / 0.26 gal of water.

Step 2

Water the Spongepots with this solution.

Step 3

Drain the excess water.

Step 4

Plant 1 seed per Spongepot 3 to 5 mm / 0.12 to 0.20 inch deep.

Step 5

Place the Spongepot in an area between 22 and 26 °C / 71 and 79 °F, this is the best germination temperature.

Step 6

After 3 to 7 days your seed will have germinated and you can transfer the seedling with the sponge to a pot with potting soil.

Note about the supplied bacto:

Not for internal use • Keep away from children and pets • Wash hands after usage • Store dry and cool

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!