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NPK Fertilizer Kit

NPK Fertilizer Kit

This NPK plant fertilizer kit from Dutch Ground Control consists of 4 different 100% water-soluble NPK fertilizer mixtures with all the necessary trace elements for perfect growth. For all 4 different stages of the plant's development, our kit offers a corresponding, carefully composed mix that meets the correct nutritional requirements.


Available packages

For 5 to 10 plants
USD 33.30
USD 33.30
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What does the NPK mean?

The NPK value indicates how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and kalium is in your substrate or fertilizer. All plants need these three essential macronutrients.

It is important to know the NPK value of your soil and fertilizer. That way you can give your plants the right amount of nutrients.

What do these three macronutrients actually do for your plant?

(N) Nitrogen. Nitrogen is necessary for the growth of a plant. This is essential because it is a major component of chlorophyll, the compound by which plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide (what we call photosynthesis). It is also a major component of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

(P) Phosphorus. Phosphorus is a macronutrient element for any plant. It plays a key role in metabolism and energy transfer. Additional phosphorus is needed in the flowering phase. Phosphorus enhances cell formation in flowers and helps to create roots.

(K) Potassium. Potassium, also known as Kalium, is a macro nutritional element as well. It is found throughout the plant and is necessary for many of its activities. It is essential for the transport of water and food and is responsible for the quality and sturdiness of the plant. In addition, it manages numerous other processes such as sugar production. Potassium ensures that the plant can produce enough sugars during flowering, which are essential for the development of the flowers.

The contents of the Fertilizer Kit

Seedling Fertilizer
NPK: 11-40-13
Content: 10 Gr. / 0.35 Oz.

After germination, the first set of leaves that are formed are called cotyledons. All the nutrients needed to sustain these first leaves are contained inside the seed. However, as soon as the second set of "real" leaves appears, you should start feeding your seedlings with a dilute fertilizer solution.

A small amount of Seedling near the young roots will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy root system development. Young roots need phosphorus, but this nutrient is unable to penetrate the soil, which makes it difficult for them to absorb sufficiently. This formula strengthens the roots, allowing them to improve nutrient uptake and enabling them to transform from frangible seedlings to sturdy, thriving plants.

Grow Fertilizer
NPK: 19-5-20
Content: 25 Gr. / 0.9 Oz.

To maintain strong and healthy plants that are properly equipped to fight off diseases and pests, Grow is a valuable component. Add it during the vegetative phase to improve the quality of your soil. This will also amplify the root development, resulting in better retainment and distribution of nutrients.

Additionally, Grow increases microbial activity, which will help your plants thrive, ultimately resulting in superior quality, larger flowers.

Bloom Fertilizer
NPK: 15-6-30
Content: 200 Gr. / 7 Oz.

Bloom contains all 3 macronutrients needed for healthy plant growth. It features a very high potassium concentration. It’s high levels of nitrogen encourage foliage growth. But, it’s the abundance of phosphorus that stimulates the production of numerous strong, potent flower buds. Begin applying this fertilizer as soon as your plants start forming flowers to ensure there’s enough potassium for encouraging other key functions.

When levels of potassium drop too low this could disrupt the flowering process or, worse, stop it altogether. Since the chemical element is beneficial for most of the plants’ vital functions, you should keep applying Bloom throughout the entire flowering stage. This will stimulate the continuous formation of new- and strengthening existing flower buds. Simply apply the nutrients every 7 days during a plant’s full bloom.

Boost Fertilizer
NPK: 0-27-27
Content: 10 Gr. / 0.35 Oz.

And finally: Are you striving for large, beautiful flowers? PK Boost is a high-quality phosphorus-potassium mixture that stimulates and enhances the flowering process. Both elements play a major role during the generative phase of plants. This user-friendly additive improves the quantity and quality of the harvest and can make a huge difference in the bud formation of your plants.

The word "boost" gives the impression that you inflate your flower buds with it. And that is exactly what it does. Simply add the mixture to the nutrient solution for one week, if you do this at the right time you will get amazing results.

One kit contains sufficient nutrition for the complete growth cycle of 5 to 10 plants and can be used for soil and hydroponic grow mediums.

How to use the NPK Fertilizer Kit

For instruction please check our NPK Fertilizer Kit user guide

Not for internal use • Keep away from children and pets • Wash hands after usage • Store dry and cool